Any marketer will tell you that scalable influencer marketing can be difficult. When managing multiple talents for a campaign there can be dozens of moving pieces to ensure your campaign gets the highest amount of reach and impact on your consumer base.

We at CROWD. are dedicated to simplifying the process, providing you all the guidance you need to ensure you success. We’ve compiled some of our best tips to help make your influencer promotion work.


1. Establish Authenticity

The brands and content creators who get ahead, do so through creativity and narrative. A good place to start, is to tap into your influencer’s unique skills, personality and traits. This way, you’ll appeal to the audience that followed them for those exact reasons in the first place. Enabling the influencer to participate in the creation of the campaign and not just the delivery, you're establishing authenticity from the start. In some cases, it pays to think of the influencer as the centerpiece and making the product or brand stand out via genuine storytelling.


2. Create Credible Collaborations

Beyond simply collaborating with an influencer, more and more brands are building products around them. In a move that primes your campaign for vertical integration, creator-specific collections bring excitement and fresh eyes to a brand. It’s also a great stepping stone to introducing digital experiences such as shoppable posts on Instagram.



3. Activism is the New Influence

In yet another bid for authenticity, some ahead-of-the-curve brands are beginning to integrate community activism into their campaigns and images. Companies such as Converse Footwear have initiated substance-fueled campaigns that almost seek to tailor-make deserving artists and personalities within the community into influencers. From limited edition collaborations, to individual sponsorships, this style of engagement lends humanity to a brand when fewer consumers than ever are expressing trust in brand sincerity.


4. Know Their Audience

An influencer’s community can be a great resource for gathering information on what they’d like to see from new or current products. Easy polls are all over Facebook and Instagram are a quick way to gauge consumer interest. Also, on the subject of information, it’s important to gather as much of it as possible. From keeping up-to-date on current trend studies and infographics, to studying competitors, it’s crucial to be in the know on your market.

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5. Use Tools Effectively

Don’t get it wrong by listening to common misconceptions. While it’s true that measuring success is one of the top problems in influencer marketing, the extent of the issue is often exaggerated. With the right set of tools and a bit of know-how, it’s actually relatively easy to measure your efforts. The main thing marketers should do to ensure ease of measurement is to clearly define their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Once those metrics are defined, many major industry platforms provide tools for tracking them.


6. Set Goals for Manageability

Like any campaign you’ll have to estimate a return on your investment, which will depend largely on the influencer’s following. Of course, there are budget concerns here, too, as some charge more than others for their services, along with other considerations that vary from campaign to campaign, brand to brand. But ultimately you have to figure out what you want out of this influencer, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be sales. It could simply be greater brand recognition, a boost in social media followers or other #goals.


7. Identity for Gain

Before you can implement an influencer marketing campaign, you have to have a strong grasp on your brand and mission. To build your brand’s story, ask questions like: Why did you start your business? Who is your target market? What are the strengths of your product or service? Once you have the answers, you can start to shape a plan of attack for your influencer angle.


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