Reasons to join Crowd Media

Fun. Dynamic. Digital. Global.


🍲 Catered Meals

You won’t stay hungry (or thirsty!)

We provide you yummy and healthy options and also accommodate different diets and food allergies!

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🧘 Meditation

Care about mental health as we do?

Join us daily at 2 pm for our meditation session. Lay down, take a deep breath and relax!


🎉 Team Events

Monthly events for the entire team!

Boat tours, theme parks, BBQs, and of course wouldn’t miss the beach for a good cocktail and the beach games!


🤸 Bootcamp

Brace yourselves!

We do bootcamp together on thursdays after work. Get your sweatpants ready!


💆 Massage Chair

Having a difficult day?

Or just some back pain? Want to relax fr 15 minutes? You can take a ride in our awesome massage chair anytime of the day.


🎂 Birthdays

This is serious business!

We celebrate birthdays and big life events with the team!


Have A Look At Our Open Positions ↓


Crowd Media connects, grows and retains the best global talent in the digital era.

Living and breathing the digital world, we provide our people freedom to be creative. We reward them with career progression and a truly fun environment. Our culture is based on having 30+ nationalities in our office and the mindset of “come as you are.”

You’ll be accepted and appreciated for who you are and what you bring with you!