Women’s Influence on Social Media-Infographic and Key Insights

When it comes to shear metrics, the most effective branch of influencer marketing can be hard to measure. However, new research is finding that in the grand scheme of things, women reign supreme in the influencer space. The main study drawing this conclusion, from social software brand Popular Pays, found that women had a lot of influence in terms of brand collaborations and consumer decisions.


Some major takeaways:

 -Women are better at portraying authenticity: From audience engagement, to language branding, women far exceed their male counterparts.

-Women Better Effect IRL brand Decisions Beyond the Online Realm: Especially in fields like fashion, female influencers have a unique ability to take their influence offline, inspiring everything from color trends to travel destinations.

 -Women Don’t Hesitate to Raise Each Other up: Since they’re specially attuned to issues of diversity and representation, many female influencers make space for others in their field, which in turn builds their likability and engagement.

Below, find the infographic with all the key info: