Why it Pays to be Authentic on Social Media

By now, all marketers should know that authenticity is a crucial component for any successful social media representation. As influencer marketing continues to grow, consumers are taking note of which content creators and brands represent themselves honestly. Below, we discuss three of the key factors that make authenticity in social marketing so vital and effective.


It Works on any Platform

Regardless of the platform you’re working off of, authenticity will help your message. Whether you’re finding creative work arounds to Twitter’s character count limit, or sharing personal stories on YouTube, being authentic adds depth and viewpoint to your message.


It Comes Naturally

Most influencers gather their followers around a common aesthetic or even hobby. When a brand chooses an influencer because their values align, the partnership comes off as authentic and effortless.


It Helps People Relate to You

People want to believe in the content creators they choose to follow. Getting in touch with your authenticity as a brand or influencer helps consumers see themselves in your message. When a partnership seems sturdy and organic, it ups its overall success rate.