Breaking Down the Biggest Marketing Trend of the Year-Visual Search

With all the new tech this year has in store, some was bound to spill over into the influencer marketing scene. With the combined power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, one such trend is sure to be visual search. The process is on track to completely change the way people approach online searching, buying, and selling. So, what does your brand need to know?


What is Visual Search?

To put It simply-visual search is the process of objects being identified within photos as they are presented, with more images being generated that relate to said objects. It’s very similar to ads related to your most recent google search popping up in your sidebar. With new developments in machine learning, visual search will enable individuals to shop and sell products in this format. Research has shown that the average consumer is very visually-oriented and immediacy-driven, so this theory could completely change the face of online marketing.

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Why it’s the Next Step

Search engines that have visual search capabilities, like Google, will see a major upswing in diversification when the technology begins to be actualized. Given that visual search is dependent on neural networks that use machine learning tech, the systems are perpetually evolving. When visual search becomes more of the norm, platforms with built up stores of data will benefit the most.


Where we Stand now in Stats


-Images are returned for 19% of searches on Google


-There are over 600 million visual searches on Pinterest each month


-The image recognition market is set to grow to over 25 billion this year

-By 2021, early adopter brands which redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%

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How Your Brand can get Involved


1.     Build in Image Search

With most retailers only scratching the service of what visual search tech is currently available, this is a prime time to invest research and time. Take a cue from current leader of the field, Pinterest, and add it to your agenda.


2.     Focus on Organic Visibility

Since the rise of visual search means the decline of text-based, now is the time to start gathering metadata on the visual search patterns around your site. Such information will be vital in growing your understanding and building your plan of approach.


3.     Utilize Pinterest

As the platform making the most of what visual search applications are currently available, Pinterest is a great place to start for everything from field research to collaboration. If it’s a good match to your brand, you can also start advertising on the site itself.

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