3 Tips for Valentine's Day Influencer Campaigns

Valentine’s Day is coming up quicker than you may think, and with it comes a great opportunity for people to fall in love with your brand all over again. It’s also a perfect time to utilize influencer marketing. By tapping into influencer audiences and playing into the unique approach of the influencer you work with, you can seriously up the results of your Valentines endeavor. To get started, check out our top three tips below!


Account for Your Desired Audience

It’s crucial that you consider the content creator’s sphere of influence when it comes to choosing who to work with. For V Day, you should also take into account the fact that men traditionally spend a lot more money on the holiday then women.



Make Space for Creativity

When it comes to your plan of attack, try to let your chosen influencer take the lead. Remember that you are choosing the influencer based on their unique viewpoint and style. Give them details and end goals but allow for as much creative freedom as possible to ensure a fun, thoughtful result.



Timing is King

For Valentine’s Day, like any holiday-centric campaign, timing is everything. Consider the day and time you roll out your work very carefully. Studies show that the majority of Valentines purchases happen the day before, so think about executing then or even the day before that.