3 Marketing Trends to Give Your Campaign Summer Vibes

With summer finally coming through in earnest, it’s time to shake the winter blues from your feed (and marketing approach). With good weather comes an influx of consumers looking for fun activities and products, so there’s no better time to revamp your strategy. Below, we explore the top three #summervibes trends.



The name of the game is to capitalize on the season’s offerings. From Season-specific events like holidays or Pride month, to aesthetic tune-ups like a change of scenery, the Summer switch up can be super intuitive. Use the season’s bright colors to your advantage, or instruct your content collaborator to frame their subjects in context of the Season. Employ the appropriate hashtags and you’ve got a seasonal display sure to resonate with any Summer-happy audience. 



Summer trends can vary a bit platform to platform, so make informed decisions and bone up on seasonal context for each. Tik Tok enjoys a perennial kind of appeal, while feature-heavy apps like Snapchat and Instagram have lots of seasonal additions to liven up your offerings. It also pays to make a mark of trends that stay constant, as those are the ones that will continue on more even growth trajectories long after Fall returns.



Make sure you’re keeping in mind that influencers tend to shape trends as much as they help sell them. Particularly in the fashion world, influencers hold a great deal of sway over what products and trends get adopted by their followers. In this vein of reason, Summer tends to see an uptick in the popularity of travel influencers. With travel influencers flocking to warming climates to chase the Summer feeling, the opportunities are ripe and near endless for products like swimwear, eyewear, suncare, etc. With festival season also occurring in Summer, research should be devoted to the best pop-up approaches.