Our Favorite Stranger Things Season 3 Marketing Activations

In preparation for the Season 3 release of its wildly popular show Stranger Things, Netflix embarked on one of its most involved and ultimately successful marketing campaigns to date.  Playing up the show’s nostalgia factor, seizing cross-promotion opportunities, and researching their audience made the campaign a resounding success, and a master class in marketing for the social age. Find below our top three favorite activations.



Coke employed a retro-inspired bevvy of commercials and teasers. Bringing back their 1985 logo (the year the show is set), the brand rolled out limited edition soda cans to coincide with the release of new teasers directed by the Duffer brothers. The move was a perfect punch of nostalgia that complemented other rollouts such as their Burger King social takeover.


Stranger Things Video Game

To entice viewers both before and after their Season 3 viewing, the show creators even went as far as to create a Stranger Things video game. To tie into the show’s style, the game was done in the iconic 16-bit graphics so prevalent in 80s arcade games. Furthermore, it was announced last month that they would be releasing a mobile AR game in the same vein as Pokémon Go and Harry Potter.



Keeping the retro ball rolling, Nike released a slew of 80s inspired goods. From sweatshirts emblazoned with the fictional Hawkins High logo, to classic 80s sneakers, the line was packed with fun items. The team went as far as to create a backstory for the release, saying the merch was on board trucks that mysteriously disappeared in 1985 near the show’s location, and were just recently found.