Top 3 Reasons Brands Invest in Influencers for Black Friday Marketing

As far as marketing is concerned, Black Friday is right around the corner. The November 29th global sale date brings with it the opportunity for creativity and increased brand awareness, and marketers take serious note. As influencer marketing has risen in popularity, many brands turn to content creators for their Black Friday collaborations. With a lot of BF sales projected to move into the digital scape, this presence makes a great deal of sense. Below, find our top three reasons brands use influencer marketing for their Black Friday efforts (and beyond).


People Invest in Authenticity

We know, we talk about authenticity as a major draw of influencer marketing ALL the time, but it’s with good reason. With the right influencer, a consumer can feel like they’re getting recommendations from a friend. This sort of relationship isn’t just hard to achieve with traditional marketing, it’s crucial for reaching certain demographics. With BF in particular, where the major pull to spend lies in special one-day-only deals, an influencer collaboration can really up brand awareness.


Younger Gens Live on Social

To unlock the spend potential of Millennials and Gen Z, marketers need to get on their level. With two such immediacy-driven generations, campaigns need to be direct, quick, and social media-savvy. Going off the above, the best messenger is, hands down, an influencer. Being able to put a recognized and trusted personality to your Black Friday activation can be a major boom.


Influencer Collaboration Keeps Things Genuine

Are you recognizing a theme here? When brands collaborate with content creators, the resulting product feels fresh and genuine. As long as the partnership is sensical (i.e. no makeup influencers for a food-related product, etc.), the influencer can contribute a lot to the overall campaign. Take for instance the “ Clash of Crayons”. For this collab, Crayola partnered with YouTuber Zack King to create a short form video that put their product to use in a playful and engaging way. In terms of BF, a well thought out influencer partnership can catapult a special seasonal offering.


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