Our Top 10 Fav Vegan Influencers

These days, foodies have countless media sources to turn to for their next meal inspiration. From blogs to Instagram, food influencers have found an effective home in social media. One corner of food-stagram that has seen a major popularity boom as of late is veganism. Marked as a top consumer food trend of 2018, the vegan hashtag had reached over 62 million posts as of June. So, who are the influencers behind this health movement? Find ten of our favorite big names compiled below.


Pick Up Limes

With over 210k followers on Instagram and 1.2 million on YouTube, Netherlands based Sadia Badiei has one of the most extensive vegan online communities.  The dietician’s content is equal parts vegan foodspiration and healthy living tips.


Lauren Toyota (Hot for Food)

This Canadian TV presenter turned vegan chef and advocate comes in at over 424k followers with her two Instagrams combined. The published cook book author is known for creating vegan takes on comfort food classics.


Kate Flowers

Sporting 92.4k followers on Instagram and 302k on YouTube, this former ballerina is popular for her positive attitude and bohemian aesthetic. Her content consists of simple vegan recipes and eating disorder recovery stories.


Cheap Lazy Vegan

Yet another vegan influencer dominating both Instagram and YouTube, has over 630k followers with both platforms combined. As the namesake would imply, her content is mostly budget friendly vegan recipes and shopping tips.


Avant-garde Vegan

Professional chef Gaz Oakley is known for making highly realistic “mock meats” and other decadent vegan alternatives. With 545k subscribers on YouTube and 278k on Instagram, the newly published cook book author is becoming a household name in his native UK.


The Happy Pear

People first took notice of twin brothers David and Stephen Flynn when they opened The Happy pear vegan café in their hometown of Greystones, Ireland. Since then they’ve amassed over 540k followers on YouTube and Instagram combined.


The Clumsy Vegan

Ankita Murray’s Instagram comes in at 18.6k and features vibrant, wholesome vegan recipes. The influencer is also known for posting keto-friendly recipes inspired by her husband.


Tofu Fit Guy

J.D. Goldschmidt advocates for an athletic vegan lifestyle across YouTube and Instagram to his combined 29k followers. The actor and fathers’ posts feature recipes and workout tips.


Elizabeth Crisante

With more of a fashion and fitness focus, Elizabeth Crisante comes in at 17.6k on Instagram. The vegan law student shares fitspiration and ethical fashion and beauty tips with her followers.


Vegan Fat Kid

Community staple Tim Moore, or “Vegan Fat Kid”, rounds out our list with 226k Instagram followers. The LA native is known for his colorful posts of vegan junk food.