Top 10 Sports Influencers

With the evergreen popularity of sports, it’s no wonder athletes have become some of the most popular influencers for brands to collaborate with. Garnering some of the largest online followings, sports stars can be a great choice for a wide range of product promotion. Read on to learn more about ten of the top names in the game below.


Lebron James

American basketball favorite Lebron James starts us out with 51.1 million followers. He has had a legendary career that has won him many partnerships and appearances throughout the years.


Leo Messi

This footballer has a substantial following-Messi comes in at 128 million. His content focuses on family and the sport he loves.


Rafael Nadal

Tennis pro Rafael Nadal joins the list with 7.6 million. He also has one of Twitter’s largest followings with 15.7 million, and is an ongoing collaborator of brand giant Nike.


Roger Federer

Fellow tennis plater Federer has 6.7 million following his Instagram. His content follows his day-to-day life, making him feel approachable.


Carly Manning

Yes, cheerleading requires athleticism, and cheerleader Carly Manning is a go-to for her charming personality and content. 467k follow the Texan for a peak into her daily life.


Paul Pogba

Yet another footballer, this Frenchman has 37 million Instagram followers. He brings a splash of diversity to the space, and delivers inspiring and personal content across his platforms.


Luis Suárez

What can we say? Football is popular. This FC Barcelona player comes in with 35 million Insta followers. The Puma ambassadors content consists of family and in-game shots.

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Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton has garnered 12.5 million followers on his Insta. His content is unique in that it advocates for environmentalism and advocacy over the more expected sports content.


Serena Williams

Legendary tennis star Serena Williams comes in with 11.4 million. The mother and icon shares intimate looks into her life and sport.


Colin Kaepernick

Controversial American footballer and activist Colin Kaepernick ends our list with 3.4 million followers. His content focuses strongly on issues surrounding African Americans and activism.