Top 10 Photography Influencers

With social media taking the lead on so many aspects of our life, it can be easy to forget the root of the content. At the end of the day, Instagram is an app for photo sharing, and the below assembled are at the top of their game.


Benjamin Lowy

With 229k followers, Lowy is known for having a wide breadth of work. From striking shots of wildlife, to studies of passersby, Lowy shows plenty of understanding for his craft.


Murad Osmann

Coming in at 4.1k, Osmann is perhaps best known for his #followmeto project. The project went viral a few years back, and features travel photos from the perspective of the photographer being led by his fiancé.


Michael Yamashita

Yamashita earned his 11.5 million-strong following through stunning visuals of different cultures and natural surroundings. The National Geographic photog has all but perfected his approach.


Stacy Kranitz

Kranitz has a respectable 99.3k and features honest depictions of life for differing backgrounds in the North American south on her Instagram.


Jimmy Chin

Focusing largely on outdoor sport and nature shots, Chin is best known as being one half of the filmmaking duo to create the award-winning documentary Free Solo. The artist comes in at 2.4 million followers.


Gueorgui Pinkhassov

Pinkhassov features slice of life photos on his popular Instagram page. At 101k followers, he has a clearly defined aesthetic.


Edith W. Young

Working mostly in fashion, this senior photo editor has 20.1k followers. Her unique style and perspective come from her many years of experience.


Jeff Rose

With his efforts clearly defined in nature, Jeff Rose has 77.2k followers. His feed is populated with dreamy natural landscapes.



The musician and photographer comes in at 111k followers. His feed consists of natural landscapes often disrupted by a human subject.


Alyssa Rose

With millennial-perfect portraits and still life’s, Rose comes in at just over 8k. Her perspective is one to watch.

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