Top 10 Men’s Fashion Influencers-Fall

If you love fashion, you know Fall is king. In the fashion world Autumn is the top season for fresh styles and crisp looks. Male fashion fans take special note, with playful nods to the season. Below, find ten of our favorite men’s fashion influencers, for Fall fashion and beyond.

Justin Livingston

This NYC-based fashion blogger has been lauded for his use of pattern and cut to create simple yet trend-perfect looks. He has 335k followers.

Adam Gallagher

Another NYC native and blogger, Adam Gallagher is known for his relaxed yet classic ensembles.

He has a following of 2 million.

Leo Mandella

This 16-year-old Brit has risen to social stardom for his eclectic and bright street style. He has 720k following him.

Joel Mcloughlin

This Londoner focuses his efforts on both Insta and YouTube, with cool colors and simple yet impactful cuts. He has 217k followers on Instagram.

Phil Cohen

Focusing his efforts further down the art direction spectrum, Phil Cohen is known for his stylish flat lays and minimalist outfit photos. He has 759k Insta fans.

Brock Williams and Chris Lin

This stylish couple is known for their subtly matching and unconventionally masculine looks. They have a following of 216k.

Jonas Maier

This Berlin bred photographer mixes street style with classic men’s staples. He has a following of 209k.

Ryan Clark

This ex-med student has a distinctly upscale taste, often appearing in suits and button downs. He has amassed a following of 172k.

Rowan Row

Another fashionable Brit, Rowan Row takes inspiration from different men’s fashion trends, from street to suits. His following comes in at 1.1 million.

Blake Scott

Finally, Blake Scott takes inspiration from professional, clean cut looks. His following rounds out the list with 579k.