TOP TEN: Male Style Influencers On Instagram

Whether you like it or not,

sometimes you just need a little inspiration in the wardrobe department when getting dressed in the morning; maybe you want to look sleek and suave for a date and have nobody trustworthy to turn to for advice. Maybe you're fully secure in your love for fashion and just want to see what's up. 

Whatever it may be, the following collection of DJ's, designers, photographers, and assorted social-media savvy trendsetters have got you sorted for infallible streetstyle, and all you have to do is scroll through their Instagram feed. So, let's do this thing! 


Virgil Abloh

Celebrity Tastemaker


Virgil Abloh started his fashion career as an art director and style advisor to Kanye West, tried his luck with a short-lived streetwear brand, and finally launched Milan-based fashion label Off White in 2014. The highly influential women and menswear collections are favored by the likes of ASAP Rocky, Rihanna, and again Kanye. There is even talk about collaborations with IKEA and Nike. Also, adding to Abloh's general credibility, he frequently works as a DJ. Obviously. 



Mordechai Rubinstein

Normcore Streetstyle Photographer 


Mister Mort a.k.a. Mordechai Rubinstein mixes his talents as stylist, photographer, and "reluctant anthropologist" to create an Instagram full of humor and light-hearted inspiration from everyday New Yorker's outfits. Think both ironic and un-ironic, but always fabulously normcore looks. Definitely a major influence in the NYC fashion scene. 



Nakel Smith



23-year old Nakel Smith's seemingly effortless combination of cool streetwear, skateboarding proficiency and nonchalant attitude depicted on social media has worked perfectly to turn him into a lifestyle icon of sorts. His association with and appearance on a handful of Odd Future tracks doesn't hurt his image too much either. 



Alisdair McLellan

Youth Culture Photographer


It may seem a bit strange to include professional photographer (as in: career outside of blogging!) Alisdair McLellan in a list of 20-something tastemakers who've mainly found celebrity through Instagram. After all, he has worked for Vogue, shot a video for the XX, and published a photography book ("Ultimate Clothing Company"). However, it is safe to say that his subject matter, often focusing on modern British masculinity and "youth culture" is about as influential in the fashion world and in streetwear as one can get. 


Leo Mandella

Fashion Kid and High-schooler


Speaking of purely Instagram-based celebrity, 15-year-old Leo Mandella, or Gully Guy Leo has become quite an inspiration to the streatwear culture set through his relatively straight-forward social media feed. It mostly features him posing, blasé look in tow, wearing various athletic wear, in city streets- where else? Hailing from rural Warwickshire, the high-schooler has made such an impression in such a short timespan that he's even recently launched his own line of tracksuits. 



Ronnie Fieg

King of Kicks


Footwear and clothing designer Ronnie Fieg is, without a doubt, one of the bigger names in the sneaker world today. He runs his streetwear brand, Kith, which has expanded to three brick-and-mortar stores in NYC, and regularly collaborates with Nike, Adidas, Asics, Puma, Coverse, and any top-selling athletic shoe brand you can think of really; all of it featured and put together in excellent streetstyle taste on his social media page. 



Blondey McCoy

Professional Slashy 


Skateboarder/ Brand Owner/ Model/ Artist Blondey McCoy has got things figured out. At only 20 years of age, the gold-toothed Londoner is already a muse for Valentino, runs his own brand (Thames London), is featured in all sorts of high-end and streetwear campaigns, including Palace, and impeccably curates his envy-inspiring social media page featuring his own art, fashion choices and generally dope life. Haters beware. 



Luka Sabbat

"Mr. Fallback Stylist"


The 19-year-old fashion entrepreneur and "champion" Luka Sabbat has all the fashion cred he needs to guarantee his instagram and personal website serve as inspiration to streetwear and fashion lovers of all kinds. Born into a "fashion family" with a designer father and stylist mother, the young New Yorker has already been featured in runway shows and ads from D&G, Hugo Boss, Adidas and more. Today, he posts images of himself on Instagram in fabulous locations, wearing the most fabulous clothes, just being fabulous.




Fashion-forward Rapper 


Known primarily for being a hip hop recording artist and part of the A$AP Mob, ASAP Nast has also made a name for himself in the world of underground and streetwear fashion through his artistically-driven Instagram page where streetstyle pics, personal inspiration and edgy black and white photography abound.  


Basement Approved

Streetwear Collective 


Last but definitely not least in terms of streetstyle love, are the Basement Approved streetwear collective. Originally an invite-only Facebook Group for young fashion lovers to discuss the latest exclusive streetwear, the collective has expanded to include parties, events, original photography and even their own clothing line. Expect the Instagram feed to include all the latest in street fashion you can only dream of.

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