Top Ten: Germany's Best Male Influencers

Influencer marketing is taking off in Germany, and enterprising social media stars are rising to the demand.

Our collection of travel, fashion, and personality stars has everything you’re looking for to refresh your own feed-- and if you’re looking to get in on influencer marketing in Deutschland, you need look no further than this compilation of talented men. Read on to discover Germany’s most successful male social media influencers.

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Joerg Nicht

Nicht is one of Germany’s best known and most followed photographers on Instagram.

He uses his iphone to document city life in Berlin, the unconventional camera offering him total freedom of motion to capture the movement of the city. An academic and a published author, the young German photographer is captivated by the way cities function and how people interact with their space. Nicht travels through both Germany’s capital and cities like Paris, Instanbul, and Bologna, combining his art with the dynamic nature and his profound knowledge of social media.

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Michael Schulz

Michael Schulz quit his job in 2010 to focus on Instagram photography.

A world traveler, Schulz has visited and photographed Budapest, Singapore, Seoul, Chicago, Toronto and Buenos Aires. He also created the Instagram photo contest #makebikeportraits for Levi's, one of the most successful brand photo contests on Instagram. Schulz has done work for a number of brands, including Uber, Sony, Conde Nast, and Kodak. His Instagram focuses on the architecture of each city, from cutting-edge contemporary design, to abandoned but intriguing ruins. His profile depicts Berlin and other locations from interesting viewpoints and perspectives, making him a must follow for anyone who loves traveling and urban life.


Selim Varol

Selim Varol is a juggernaut of art toys.

Born in Turkey, but raised in Germany, Selim is not only a big name in the collector’s circles of Dusseldorf, but his vast collection is also known internationally, with his works often included in exhibitions worldwide. His art toys archive, according to his estimation, tops 15,000 pieces, nearly 150 of which appear in The Collector: On his Instagram, surreal and quirky photos of toy art and contemporary street art will reach out to your inner child.

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Chaim Machlev 

Chaim Machlev is undoubtedly one of the most sought after tattoo artists in Berlin.

As the incorporation of modern art into tattoo design gains steam worldwide, Machlev’s beautiful line tattoos make his instagram universally captivating. His beautiful line tattoos often look like complex geometric simulations that we’d normally expect to see on a computer screen, but his works also often incorporate variations on traditional elements. On his Instagram, you can see both finished pieces and works in progress, as well as concepts.

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Andre Hamann

Andre Hamann’s loyal following of over 1 million navigate to his Instagram to take a look at his outfits, his travels, and his daily life.

The German male model often promotes some of his favorite fashion brands, and he even produced paid-for content for About You clothing. He has also taken advantage of his popularity and created his own clothing brand and fitness website in which he explains step-by-step, what exercises to do to get a physique like his. Marketers would be hard-pressed to find an influencer as effective as Hamann, whose promotional posts often receive over 20,000 likes.

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Sami Slimani

Sami Slimani is the leading male influencer in Germany,

with 1.5 million subscribers on Instagram and over 200 million views on his Youtube channel where it’s all about fashion, beauty and his lifestyle. Slimani updates his Instagram account several times a week. In his images, Slimani documents his outfits and showcases the latest trends in men’s fashion. His promotional posts have helped him secure a number of endorsement deals, and he has created a social media empire using his style knowledge and mastery of social media to influence trends among his demographic. If you’re searching for the best in men’s fashion inspiration, Sami Slimani is it.

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Julien Bam

As a Youtube personality, Julien Bam is among the top social media influencers out of Germany.

His 4 million subscribers go to his channel looking for comedy, breakdance, and photography-- his videos usually receive several hundred thousand likes and millions of views. It’s easy to see that Bam’s social media personality is a charisma machine. Any marketer looking to launch a successful online campaign would be challenged to find someone more influential than Bam, as we can see from the gains made by Fanta Germany after featuring Julien Bam and Snapchat.


Robert Jahns

1.1 million Instagrammers scroll through Robert Jahns’ feed, gaining inspiration from his incredible content.

A worldwide photographer, digital artist, and creative director, the influencer has changed the face of Germany’s travel industry. From the nois7 Instagram account, his captivating work and unique approach to photo manipulation deliver moments that marry people, nature, and movement in ways that seem alive, yet surreal, all at once. Jahns works with other instagrammers and photographers all over the world, and became a finalist in the category Instagram of the Year by the Shorty Awards. As a travel influencer, Jahns is massively successful, promoting tourism agencies like Visit Dubai and Tui to his millions of fans. Travel brands wishing to gain traction should consider Robert Jahns an ideal partner in that goal.

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Thomas Kakareko

Born in the mid-1980s in West Berlin, Kakareko has made it his mission to translate the upheaval of his childhood into a visual feast of culture, travel, and daily life.

Now a mobile street photographer, his Instagram captures his international journeys, although he is most famous for his black-and-white images of Berlin’s daily life. Kakareko has worked with airlines and tourist agencies, as well as digital enterprises and design companies.

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Hannes Becker

This self-described “roamer” is a freelance photographer specializing in outdoors, adventures and landscapes from Hesse, Germany.

With over one million Instagram followers to his name, he’s also one of the most popular German influencers. Over a thousand travel photos grace Becker’s Instagram account, clearly demonstrating his passion for voyaging. He claims to place particular importance on composition and mood in his images in order to “inspire the viewer and convey what has happened in as realistic a manner as possible.” Becker updates with new images several times a week, keeping his followers engaged and making him massively influential for fellow travelers. He is also constantly collaborating with successful brands like Huawei and Mercedes-Benz.


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