Top 10 Global LGBT+ Influencers

For as long as influencers have been a staple of the social media landscape, minority groups have been carving their niche in it. The LGBT+ community is no different, using their platforms for everything from activism, to more traditional influencer pursuits. Below, find 10 of our favorite global LGBT+ voices making a name for themselves online. 


Call Y Poché

These Colombian influencers have a joint YouTube channel that has amassed 5.5 million followers. The couple post a variety of content from DIY to makeup tutorials. Their popularity proves the necessity for queer representation for the Latin community.


Chella Man

Chella is a deaf, trans model shattering stereotypes on and offline. He has a joint YouTube channel with his girlfriend that has 200k subscribers. Among the subjects he tackles on his platforms are genderquuer identity, racial identity, Judaism as a queer individual, and more.


Jazz Jennings

Another transgender advocate and YouTube personality, Jazz Jennings is also a bonafide reality star. The teen has her own TLC UK show, “I am Jazz”, and is doing wonders for the visibility and normalization of transgenderism in the media.


Karin and Skyler

With over half a million subscribers on YouTube, Karin and Skyler make an effort to normalize their love by documenting their lives together. The duo create content around their relationship, LGBT+ issues, and more. 


Keiynan Lonsdale

The “Love, Simon” star made waves when upon the films completion he came out as queer. Along with music, he is using his voice to bring awareness to youth that may be questioning their sexuality.


Melanie Murphy

2018’s Influencer of the Year, Melanie Murphy is a bisexual LGBT, mental health, and lifestyle influencer from Ireland. With over 60 million views to date on her YouTube channel, she is extremely vocal about the issues facing her as a queer woman.


Munroe Bergdorf

Bergdork uses her platform to empower the individuals in her community. The first transgender model to take place in a national beauty campaign, she was tastelessly dropped after being vocal about her views on systemic racism. Ever since the incident, she has seen major success and support in both the LGBT+ and progressive fashion communities.


Pabllo Vittar

Vittar has more than 7 million followers on Instagram, and a billion overall views on YouTube. The most followed drag queen on social media, she is the first drag queen to be nominated for a Grammy. She has a new deal with Coco-Cola and seems to only be growing.


Teddy Edwardes

This model and entrepreneur is the mastermind behind queer magazine LicknMix. She has 37k Instagram followers who subscribe for her life updates and queer content.


Travis Alabanza

Alabanza is a performer, writer, and artistic creator. With 31.1k followers on Insta and awards already under their belt, the trans activist is garnering a lot of praise for both their work in theatre, and overall activism.