Top 10 Instagram Models

From body positive bombshells to streetwear stars, the world of Instagram models is far from the industry standard of years past. With a world of new faces at your fingertips, it’s easy to see why these beauties have skyrocketed in popularity. Find below ten of our favorite Instagram models.


Pamela Alexandra

With killer curves and a stunning blend of Swiss and Brazilian looks, it’s no wonder Pamela Alexandra has 2.5 million followers and counting. The popularity of her Insta is a beautiful testimony to the power of body positivity.


Sommer Ray

With one of the highest follower counts on the list with a whooping 21.6 million, Sommer Ray is a staple of the Insta model community. Her followers enjoy her fitness-centric content.


Ebonee Davis

A runner up of America’s Next Top Model, Ebonee Davis has 232k followers. The stunner is a community activist and speaker as well.


Valentina Sampaio

This Brazilian actress and model has 102k followers. A trans woman, she’s made history with her success and visibility in and out of the industry.


Downtown Girl

The Polish plus size beauty known as Downtown Girl has 61.8k followers. Her feed features minimalist backgrounds and trendy looks that compliment her curvy frame.


Emily Ratajkowski

With 23.6 million followers and a name that’s become almost universally recognized, Ratajkowski is perhaps the most successful of the list. Her content bridges the gap between Insta model and high fashion.


Kelvin Davis

Bringing attention to the often-overlooked male side of body positivity, Kelvin Davis has 100k. While not an Instagram model in the classic sense, his award-winning blogs and books, and contagious smile make him an easy follow.


Essie Golden

Body positive model and designer Essie Golden comes in at 160k. Her content is accessible and dripping with confidence.


Michael B. Jordan

Before his breakout role in Black Panther, Jordan had already amassed a large following on Insta for his style. Now with 11.2 million, he has a whole new degree of presence.


AJ Harris

Finally, AJ Harris is on the lower end of the follower spectrum with 8k. The NYC based model is on the rise though, known for his stunning features and effortless fashion sense.