Top Ten Gaming YouTubers

For a large chunk of the time YouTube has been around, gaming channels have been some of the platforms most lucrative and popular. From “Let’s Plays” to game reviews, YouTube gamers rake in the views, with the most popular among them coming in at millions of subscribers. Below, find our ten top gaming YouTubers across the globe.



PewDiePie, a Swedish gamer, comes in at 96 million subscribers, making him not only the most popular gaming channel, but one of the top 5 most subscribed to YouTubers overall. Joining YouTube in 2010, the gamer has met with some controversy and plenty of praise throughout his career.



Spanish gamer Elrubius comes in at 35 million. He is the first Spanish YouTuber to reach 10 million subscribers. Fans enjoy him for his candid style and vlog videos that give glimpses into his everyday life.



Hailing from El Salvador, Fernanfloo has 33 million subscribers to his name. He is the number one web star in his country. His subscribers enjoy his sharp humor and gaming know-how, and his channel is very much on the rise in South America and globally.  



The Chilean YouTuber and comedian JuegaGerman has amassed 35 million on his channel. His content blends humor and gaming, and in 2015 he won two coveted diamond play buttons from YouTube for the combined subscriber count of his two channels.



Canadian VanossGaming can attribute a lot of his success to his collaborative style. He is perhaps best known to his 24 million subscribers for playing video games with other YouTube personalities, often to comedic effect.



This Spanish gamer takes a departure from his contemporaries, focusing mainly on RPG (Role Playing Games), presented with a unique narrative style. He caters to 26 million subscribers globally.



One of the OG gaming YouTubers, Markiplier is an American gamer known as much for his charitable nature as his gaming prowess. Often participating in live streams and Make-a-Wish style visits to fans, Markiplier’s 23 million subscribers are some of the most loyal on YouTube.



Another gamer who got involved in YouTube around the gaming boom of 2012, Jacksepticeye has 22 million fans on the platform. Having risen to fame for his outgoing personality and goofy charm, the Irishman has recently begun to dabble in interviews for film and television as well.



British gamer DanTDM comes in with 21 million. Specializing mainly in RPGs like Minecraft, he is one of the most highly subscribed to UK channels. He has won three Kids Choice Awards for his fun and inclusive content. 



Finally, Brazilian gamer RezenDeevil has a total of 23 million subscribers. At just 21 years of age he is one of the most subscribed to channels in Brazil. He has won a Brazilian Kids Choice Award for his over the top comedic style and gaming savvy.