10 Fitness Brands Who Have Rocked Their Influencer Marketing

We at CROWD. can taut the benefits of influencer marketing all we want, but at the end of the day, real life examples may be the best endorsement. To bring the concept down to earth, we’ve compiled below a list of ten top fitness brands that have used influencers and content creators to their benefit. From smaller Instagram activations, to big brand endorsements, these successes speak for themselves.


You’d be hard pressed to find a fitness fanatic who doesn’t own a set of this brands sleek, modern workout threads. Though founded back in 1998, the brand has seen a massive boom in popularity over the past few years, and its thanks in no small part to influencer marketing. Fitness Instagramers across the globe can be found sporting the famous leggings under the lululemon hashtag.


In today’s social media market, influencers don’t always take the form of niche content creators. The past year in particular has seen sports stars and other celebrities with large followings take on the role. The ubiquitous Nike brand hasn’t shied away from this trend, using preexisting ambassadors like Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick to bring their marketing strategy full circle.


Fitbit may have started as a means to track your steps, but when it came on the market in 2013, many in the fitness community saw its merit as a fashion accessory as well. Coupling this with the rise of the “Athleisure” trend, and soon Fitbits were on wrists everywhere. In more recent years, Fitbit has followed suit by broadening its influencer efforts to fitness gurus and fashionistas alike.


Apps like 8Fit are a perfect match to the influencer marketing sector. The brand, which creates custom meal and exercise plans for its users, has seen great success through influencer efforts on YouTube. Last year, they partnered with hugely popular lifestyle youtuber Amelia Liana to create a “What I Eat in a Day” video. The video, showcasing how Liana goes about her day using the app to make healthy choices, saw over 130k views.

Planet Fitness

With gyms constantly pushing to differentiate their brands on social, Planet Fitness is a great example of not fixing what isn’t broken. The popular chain’s Instagram feed is populated with fitness influencers. Featuring these influencers alongside regular gym goers has humanized the brand, and engaging their audience with catchy hashtags like “#planetfitnessflow” makes it easy to see why their following grows weekly.  

All Nutrition

European based All Nutrition is a similar case. The nutrition supplement brand, boasting 35.6K on Instagram, knows its market. By utilizing a range of influencers from different disciplines, the brand sets itself apart from its competitors. A scroll through its Instagram page also broadcasts a large group of enviable fitness models and influencers.


In the case of brand and influencer being one, country music star Carrie Underwood’s athletic wear brand Calia is one to note. Founded in 2014 in collaboration with North American chain Dick’s Sporting Goods, the brand has an impressive 468K followers on Instagram. While Underwood’s celebrity may have been the initial draw, the focus stays on consumers with fitness influencers regularly featured on the page.

Girlfriend Collective

One company using influencer marketing to not only boost their own reach, but advocate for diversity in the process, is Girlfriend Collective. Founded just last year, the brand first gained recognition for offering their luxury leggings at a discounted price as a debut promotion. Since inception, the brand has maintained its cult favorite status by showcasing influencers that are body positive and eco-conscious.


Love Fitness Apparel

This Hawaii-based, Navy Veteran owned line boasts over 200k followers on Instagram and a laid back, cool vibe.  While the brand employs the usual social marketing suspects like stylish photo trends and giveaways, it sets itself apart by going local in its influencer approach.


PumpUp, an app that offers workout tips and allows users to connect to community members, has made the most of the YouTube space. Any avid YouTube fitness fan will have heard of the brand, who has partnered with many athletic influencers on the platform. With video activations ranging from “first impression” videos, to “day in the life” installments, the app has been able to reach a huge demographic.

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