Top 10 Cannabis Influencers

Thanks to a growing understanding of the benefits of THC and CBD, and increased support from politicians and musicians alike, cannabis is having a major moment in the influencer scene. With legalization sweeping countries worldwide, more and more content creators and celebrities are capitalizing on the inherent trends. From sponsorships to education initiatives, find below our top ten influencers who go green.


Snoop Dogg

We’d be remised if we didn’t start off the list with one of cannabis’s OG supporters. Snoop Dogg is of course a wildly popular rapper with the 30.1 million Instagram followers to prove it. The Dr. Dre discovery has famously incorporated the herb into his professional image and become an active supporter of medical marijuana in 2007.


Wiz Khalifa

In the same vein, 26.2-million follower strong Wiz Khalifa is a rapper who is very vocal in their support of a cannabis-infused lifestyle. The 31-year-old even has his own strain called “Khalifa Kush”, as part of his sponsorship by dispensary “The Cookie Company”.


Big Mike

Mike Straumietis, aka “Big Mike”, is an industry vet who comes in at 3 million IG followers. The “ganjapreneur” is known among other things for his larger-than-life persona, infamous weed print Ferrari, and a bid to produce a “The Apprentice”-style reality show for cannabis industry professionals.


Coral Reefer

Coral of “Coral Reefer” has a combined 291k+ followers on YouTube and (her main) Instagram. On her platforms, the California resident shares her travels, cannabis-related news, and reviews of different pot products.



Teresa of Trippy.Teez was one of the first content creators to jump on the cannabis marketing trend. With 175k Instagram followers, the accountant turned canna-influencer and model continues the expand on that niche.


John Berfelo

John Berfelo is a Canadian native with 110k followers on YouTube and 19.3K on Instagram. After being injured at work in 2005, Berfelo started studying the use of cannabis for pain relief. Fourteen years and three Medical Cannabis Cups later, he is a certified canna-influencer and educator.


Brandi TV

Brandi Fernandez rose to internet stardom relatively recently when her tutorial videos on YouTube started going viral. The videos, in which she attempts (to comedic effect) special FX or beauty makeup looks after consuming edibles, have her channel at a steadily growing 889K+ following. With another 205k on Instagram, the DJ is definitely one to watch.


Jeffree Star

Though the YouTube star and makeup entrepreneur is more of a beauty influencer, Jeffree Star makes no secret of his love for cannabis. Often smoking in his YouTube videos or on his Snapchat stories, the combined 25.1 million follower strong Star definitely deserves a place on the list.


Laganja Estranja

With a name like Laganja, how could we not? The outspoken choreographer and former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Laganja Estranja (aka Jay Jackson), is a major advocate within the cannabis community. The California native comes in at 556k Insta followers.


Cynthia Nixon

Sex and the City alum and fledgling politician Cynthia Nixon rounds out our list at 718k Instagram followers. During her 2018 campaign for governor of New York, Nixon called for legalization, stating “legalizing and taxing marijuana would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our people”.