Top 10 Beauty Brands Using CBD

Beauty’s obsession with CBD isn’t slowing down. In fact, CBD — the shortened term for cannabidiol — has become one of the hottest ingredients in beauty, popping up in different types of skin care, color cosmetics and wellness supplements as consumer interest in the plant’s purported benefits increases rapidly. With the recent 4/20 “holiday,” brands are now tapping into cannabis, attracting customers with a slew of new products that promote relaxation, anti-inflammation and soothing qualities. Read on to see how 10 beauty brands are cashing in on cannabis.



Origins' buzzy mask also rides on the weed trend, but instead uses cannabis sativa seed oil—an ingredient made from cold-pressed hemp seeds that's rich in skin-repairing acids and said to be helpful with redness and dryness. Lavender oil, meanwhile, is what gives the mask its "de-stressing" scent.



Lush Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Ease is a hair treatment formulated with strengthening and conditioning ingredients. Olive, hemp and soya oils help to strengthen the hair, helping to reduce breakage.



Eos is extending its range of egg-shaped lip balms with the introduction of two new flavors — Happy Herb and Baked Brownie — are both infused with cannabis sativa seed oil. The ingredient is meant to soothe and moisturize the lips.



Cannabis oil has become known as a beauty superstar for its versatility and ever-growing list of benefits, and that’s why Milk Makeup decided to bring some of that good stuff into their makeup collection. Kush Mascara’s dynamic formula is supposed to give your lashes major volume with heart-shaped fibers, while simultaneously conditioning them with cannabis oil. It’s one hit for high volume.

saint jane.png


All-natural beauty line, Saint Jane, is offering five shades of its Microdose Lip Gloss, which is formulated with full-spectrum CBD, aloe, chamomile extract and sunflower seed and jojoba seed oils. The brand is meant to be a cheeky take on the name “Mary Jane,” showing the more innocent side of CBD by formulating without the psychoactive THC ingredient found in the cannabis plant.



Kiehl’s Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil is derived from cold-pressed Hemp Seeds. Their newest formula is supposed to help improve skin’s barrier, reduce visible redness, and relieve discomfort while calming and soothing skin.



Farmacy’s new Better Daze Ahead Restorative Cushion Cream combines hemp seed oil and CBD to create a soothing moisturizer that helps balance dry and irritated skin while fighting against environmental aggressors.



At CBD beauty and edible retailer, Poplar, the new Vertly CBD Infused Bath Salts combine CBD oil with natural healing salts and botanical extracts of yarrow and rosemary to soothe muscles and promote relaxation.



Infused with hemp oil to moisturize & keep lashes soft, Urban Decay’s Big Fatty Mascara creates the fullest, fattest lashes imaginable.


Sagely Naturals is entering the sleep category with a three-product collection that combines CBD with other ingredients like chamomile, evening primrose, lavender and melatonin to promote sleep and relax the body.