Top Reasons to Consider a Holistic Approach to Performance Marketing

We’ve discussed performance marketing before, but it’s a space that’s constantly changing and growing, so staying on top of the latest trends is paramount. As with most other social-based marketing approaches, being genuine and self-assured in brand messaging is also key. A lot of brands are finding that the best way to achieve this is through holistic marketing.

A holistic approach allows for a streamlined process, aiding more efficient spend and a wider span of influence. Indeed, at the end of the day, a holistic approach can be the strategy that sets your brand apart from the rest. Not convinced? Find three more reasons to consider a holistic approach to performance partnerships below.


Better Conversion Rates on Devices

Holistic marketing that employs consistent UX (User Experience) and strategy across all devices leads to higher conversion rates. Research also finds that a brands presence on one device influences its performance on others.  It’s super important to streamline and make sure your UX is consistent across all devices, and holistic approach is the best way to achieve this.

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Better Optimizations and Spend

A holistic approach also helps to consolidate your marketing teams’ efforts, saving time and ultimately money. Partnering with companies that have a strong reach across different devices allows you to cast a wider net in finding your customer base. Breaking down traffic, reach, etc. by device will allow you to allocate more funds towards the devices getting more attention from customers.


Better Overall View of Your Customers

When you work across a broad range of channels and devices, you’re able to paint a more comprehensive picture of your customer base. Each platform is an opportunity to collect data that will ultimately drive sales. Using a holistic approach means more ways to generate consistent branding to your users while gleaning information about them.

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