10 Italian Influencers to Follow for MFW and Beyond

With Milan Fashion Week fast approaching (in fashion-world terms, anyway), we’ve decided to put together a list of some of Italy’s top influencers.

Faces you can definitely expect to find at the events and shows, let these influencers inspire your next wardrobe purchase or style overhaul year round.


Chiara Ferragni

Creator of the blog “The Blonde Salad”,

Influencer Chiara Ferragni has secured brand deals with Tod’s, has her own luxury shoe range, and boasts 13 million followers on Insta. She’s known for her sleek, on-trend style.


Valentina Ferragni

Like her older sister Chiara,

Valentina is making a name for herself in the instagram fashion scene. Steadily catching up to her sibling with a more-then-respectable 1.8 million followers, her style is more laid back, yet refined.


Chiara Nasti

Chiara Nasti sports a distinctly bohemian, cool girl style.

At 1.5 million instagram followers, the swimwear mogul is one to look out for.


Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is one of the OG street style stars of Italy.

Unsurprisingly, the editor-at-large for Vogue Japan has 1.5 million followers and counting. She is well known in the scene for taking risks with bold patterns and shapes, and not being afraid to dress across different styles.


Marie Zamboli

Utilizing lush backgrounds and on-point styling,

this Italiana comes in at 660 thousand. Zamboli reports on Milan fashion week on her blog, as well as her glamorous travels.


Nicoletta Reggio

This jet setting influencer sports a breezy style and 348 thousand instagram followers.

She is a blogger favorite for her more carefree approach to fashion.


Eleonora Carisi

This influencer and digital agency co-founder has her hands on 692 thousand instagram followers.

Carisi has a keen eye for aesthetic, utilizing neutral tones and vintage-style photography.


Gilda Ambrosia

Another influencer with a keen eye of visuals, Ambrosio’s 352 thousand followers come to her page for her glamorous edge.

Dubbed an “It girl” by Forbes, the blogger and entrepreneur will definitely have cameras on her at MFW.


Erika Boldrin

Having gained notoriety for her fashion and lifestyle blog site “My Free Choice”,

this fashionista has 426 thousand followers. She’s been lauded for working with designer and retail brands alike.


Irene Buffa

A mainstay at MFW,

Irene Buffa shares feminine yet daring fashions with her 236 thousand followers. The spokeswoman and blogger can be found traveling or home in her native Milan.

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