11 London Bloggers On The Cutting Edge of Fashion

From street style to high fashion, London has become a guiding light for the fashion industry.

Here are the 11 London fashion bloggers to follow

Lucy Williams

The modern styled Londoner keeps her camera focused on fashion, travel, and books. Her blog, Fashion Me Now, is filled with wanderlust posts and effortlessly refined looks that can inspire anyone.



Frédérique Harrel

If you’re looking for a vibrant blogger, inside and out, take a look at Freddie Harrel. Her style showcases fun fashion with a colorful palette and a fearless take on prints. She also hosts workshops and talks on the ways to build confidence. She also has a video series with styling tricks.



Sarah Mikaela

Sarah Micaela of Framboise Fashion has made consistent branding her speciality. Every part of her work is carefully curated in an exceptionally beautiful manner that can only be associated with art. She also shows her charm in her personal commentary.



The Gentleman Blogger

To say that Matthew Zorpas of The Gentleman Blogger is a jack-of-all-trades, is an understatement. Not only is he a fashion blogger, he is also a creative consultant and a university lecturer. His blog focuses on gorgeous locations and lustrous menswear style with the bonus of video content.  



Richard Biedul

As a menswear model and influencer, Richard Biedul features the meeting point of polished but rough around the edges style with ease. He is the definition of perfect styling in any season.



Lyndsey Holland

New to the London blogging game is Lyndsey Holland. She not only provides styling advice on her blog, Ropes of Holland, she also practices physiotherapy. If you prefer oversized styling and ripped denim, her blog will certainly fit your feed.


Camille Charriere

Camille Charriere is an influencer heavy weight that has had brands begging to do collaborations with her since 2010. Her looks may feel thrown together on the surface level but looking closer you’ll see that each piece of every outfit has been carefully selected for a reason and is purposely made to feel effortless.


Soraya Bakthiar

An experimentalist with a background of having worked for Elle and Tank magazine, Soraya brings her fashion expertise to life with eclectically styled outfits and the world itself as her backdrops. She also provides how-to styling guides.


Lisa Aiken

Whatever it is that you’re wearing right now is probably thanks to Lisa Aiken. She’s the Fashion Director at Net-a-Porter. Her website, Two, is an inspirational representation of her personal style.



Joey London

Joey London is a combination of fashion, culture, and art demonstrated with multimedia flair. Not only does he possess notable photography skills, he also has a successful Youtube channel, and plays with a drone. His style consists of high street fashion.


Susie Bubble

Susanna Lau of Susie Bubble is the OG of blogging. She started hers back in 2006 and helped mold Generation Y’s fashion professionals. She took the industry by storm with her prophetic take on styling and is now one of the most recognizable faces in the business. She can be regularly found seated at the front row of Fashion Week’s all over the globe. Her blog is a must read.




Vicki Frid