5 Gen Z Marketed Apps to Get to Know

Gen Z is the first generation to be brought up with technology at their fingertips, and their shopping habits reflect that. From clothing to electronics, Gen Z is flexing their estimated $143 billion buying power, and they’re doing so in large part on smartphone apps. With back-to-school season on the horizon, it’s time to get to know a few of the top apps these teens are using to make their purchases.



GOAT is a sneaker buying and resale app that caters to Gen Z’s athletic footwear obsession. The market is set to expand to $95 billion in the next six years, leaving plenty of room for these teen consumers to grow with it. Users like it for the ability to authenticate their purchases, and the wide selection of brands at reduced pricing.



With an interface similar to Instagram and a trendy aesthetic, it’s easy to see why users like this UK born app. Another resale app, Depop plays to a growing trend amongst Gen Z to move away from fast fashion. In-app one can search for specific styles, purchase simply, and follow profiles who’s style they like.



This mall-like app allows users to shop major brands with an Instagram-style layout. One standout feature is the influencer-exclusive product lines. After a major funding raise this Spring, the app now features “shopping parties” where influencers can broadcast live.  



Wish features products ranging from novelty goods to clothing and electronics at incredibly low prices. With some products starting as low as a few cents, it’s easy to see the appeal for teens. There are pitfalls, such as month-long wait periods to get your purchases, but users seem to find the price tag worth it.



Specializing in cheap, trendy fashion, Shein is last on our list. Part of an influx in US users downloading Asian apps, Shein is one of the top 20 most used shopping apps this Summer.

TrendsMaria Vasbotten