Top 5 Scandinavian Fashion Brands Utilizing Influencers

From clean lines and neutral colors, to retro-cool silhouettes and bold patterns, Scandinavian fashion is rich and diverse. Now, thanks to partnerships with local and global influencers alike, the world is showing a renewed interest in the scene. Find below-five of the top Scandi fashion brands working their influencer marketing.


Stine Goya

With 167K Insta followers, Stine Goya is a favorite amongst cool girls. Started in 2006, the label loves to dabble in bright colors and experimental silhouettes. As far as influencers are concerned, Goya has found success both locally and internationally, scoring mentions from influencers such as USA-based Alyssa Coscarelli (231K).

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Picking up on edgier notes, Copenhagen-based Rotate is a go-to for stylists. Utilizing luxe fabrics and textures, the design duo more than earns their 44.2K following. Though the brand is seeing success internationally with recognition from magazines such as Elle, they opt to keep their influencer presence more local-adjacent, with reps such as German style star Juliane Diesner (138K).

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With a clean 100K, Gestuz sports a more laid-back vibe. Another newer offering, the brand was founded in 2008. The label is known for mix and match separates and feminine but daring designs. The brand takes the local route influencer-wise, favoring smaller, local influencers like Netherlands native Pascalle Kouwenhoven (2K).

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Cecile Copenhagen

After arriving on the scene just a few years ago in 2011, Cecilie Copenhagen has enjoyed success and demand worldwide for their signature silhouettes and accessories. At a respectable 63.3K Insta followers, the brands feed is heavily populated with influencer pics. Notable names include Caroline Groth (62K) and Jo Hombsch (20K).

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Designers Remix

Last but obviously not least, Designers Remix comes in at 101K followers. The brand excels in basics ranging from tailored suits to breezy summer frocks. The labels Insta utilizes a mix of model and runway shots interspersed with pics featuring influencers such as Funda Christophersen (76.8K).