The Top 5 Universal Reasons You Need Influencer Marketing

By now we could write a small yet substantial book on all the reasons influencer collaboration is the best marketing tool to hit the scene in the last decade. From the modality, to the sheer volume of individuals to choose from, the benefits are vast and varied. If your brand is looking to get in on the action, but needs a few bullet proof reasons to invest the time, look no further than our top five universal pros below.



It’s our first and most harped on benefit for a reason. An influencer brings with them an air of authenticity that is untappable in other venues of marketing. Since an influencer builds their following around shared interests and viewpoints, when a sponsored post comes along, it flows with the rest of their content, and seems almost tailored to the viewer.


Brand Awareness

When you collaborate with an influencer, you instantly introduce your product to thousands of potential consumers. One sponsored post can do the leg work of more traditional channels in a matter of minutes. Once the ball is rolling, the reach is sure to double as viewers share the product with their own followers and friends.



This one is pretty straightforward-the more influencers and their followers share your product, the more it will appear in related searches. Furthermore, working with influencers with a high Domain Authority (the score of your website based on its content and reliability), can seriously boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).



Outside of reaching your target audience, going the influencer route also introduces your brand to less expected ones. While influencers tend to draw birds of a feather, they also pop up in the feeds of other social users via discovery settings, reviews, and more. So while tried and true ads may hit your baseline needs, an influencer endorsement sees brand interaction across multiple platforms and feeds.



 Aligning yourself with an influencer who fits your product and branding=reaching your intended audience. The more relevant collaborations you put out, the greater your ROI. Getting in on the influencer trend also keeps your brand current.