Top 5 Tips for Instagram Marketing

In the Instagram marketing sphere, video content and influencer campaigns are king. Time and again, combined or on their own, these methods have been proven to seriously elevate a campaign. So, whether you’re just starting your journey into content creator partnerships, or you’re well versed and looking for a fresh angle, find below our five favorite tips.


1.     Lead by Example

A great way to show off the unique assets of your brand or product, and get people excited, is through demos. Having an influencer showcase said assets in an easy-to-digest, creative video clip? Even better. In a market where Instagram users favor the opinions of their favorite content creators over those of older school brand ambassadors, partnering with an influencer for demos can seriously boost engagement and interest.


2.     Employ Unexpected Ambassadors

One way to break into influencer partnerships on a small budget is by employing the followers who already love you.  They can be counted on for enthusiastic, genuine reviews. In addition, smaller influencers have a humanizing effect on your brand. This is also a wonderful test for your engagement. Not positive if the time is right for influencer marketing on your Instagram? Testing the waters with a smaller creator will let you know.


3.     Speaking of Humanizing…

In many ways, influencers are like small celebrities. Their followers, seeing only the perfect snapshots they choose to share, easily put them on a pedestal. For this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to bridge a connection between influencer, brand, and campaign. One method to rectify this disconnect is short form video content. Seeing a creator interact with your brand or product in a more laid back, candid setting can bring them back down to a human level.


4.     Double Your Impact

What’s better than one influencer partnership? Two of course! With every content creator you work with comes a unique viewpoint, set of skills, and follower count. Working with multiple influencers at once can also help influence the spectrum and end result of your campaign. Want to maximize the viewership of your efforts? Pick two influencers with a diverse range of followers. Are your concerns more with reaching the audiences who would benefit from your product the most? Find two creators with complimentary brands.


5.     Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

At this point, utilizing a feature like hashtags probably seems like a no-brainer. However, strategizing on the where, when, and whys of your campaign’s hashtags pre-launch can be crucial. Make sure to keep your influencers in the loop and have a game plan for rolling out your branded hashtags at just the right time. Once the hashtag gains traction, encourage the use of personal hashtags along with the original. This adds a personal touch and increases the phrases range of impact.


Social MediaMaria Vasbotten