Top 5 Influencer Activations of Coachella 2018

The last few years have cemented Coachella’s status as a premier destination for influencers. From branded popups, to tailored-for-Instagram backdrops (not to mention FOMO-worthy lineups), the California music and art festival is a mecca for content creators. Recognizing the potential, more and more brands are investing in activations and influencer-heavy collaborations to ramp up their visibility in the crowd of 800K+ (overall combined) attendees. Ahead of it’s April 12th start, look back on just a few of last year’s most memorable efforts below.


American Express

Credit card giant American Express riffed on it’s established #AmexAmbassadors campaign to bring an exclusive popup to Coachella. Influencers like singer/actress Kiana Ledé offered glimpses inside the “Amex Platinum House” on social media, but full entry was only granted to card members, adding to the image of exclusivity.



As Coachella’s official tech sponsor, the stakes were high for HP. The software company implemented a two-prong approach of popup and art installation. Playing up the arts side of the festival, attendees were treated to a lounge for testing new HP products, and a dome boasting technologically advanced art installations. Both were advertised on Instagram by notable influencers such as Maddie Greer.



Clothing site Revolve is the rare retailer better known for its patrons then it’s wares. Influencer superstars such as Kendall Jenner and Shay Mitchell aided in the promotion of “REVOLVE Festival”, a mini fest within Coachella complete with A-List musical guests like A$AP Rocky. As with the previous year, the brand also dressed dozens of influencers for Coachella itself.



Beer brand favorite Heineken was a festival fav with its similar method of “festival within a festival”. Creating a popup “Heineken House”, the brand brought in musicians and influencers to entertain patrons. The activation was promoted live on Insta by influencers such as Brittany Sky.



Last but not least, BMW executed what was perhaps the most ambitious activation, which saw content creators documenting their journey to Coachella in art-covered vehicles. Influencers such as Taylor Hill and Jamie Chung shared pics along the road, showcasing the stylish details of the new models in the #RoadToCoachella campaign.