2017's Most Successful Beauty Influencers

With 2017 wrapped, Traackr and Talk PR joined forces to discover the most engaging beauty posts of the year.

The report, entitled Global Influencer Marketing: Insights From Beauty, analyzed 1000 global beauty influencers and their best content over the past few years. Sephora, NYX Professional Makeup, and American International Industries offered a bounty of new data and insights to the study, but most of the report focused on the individual influencers who generated some of the most engaging social content of the year. Traackr calls these beauty influencers “Queens of Engagement,” noting that they have made a “royal impression” on consumer demographics and beauty brands worldwide. These content creators have come out on top of a massive community of beauty influencers, beating out millions of pieces of well-performing content and generating enough engagements to change the shape of the entire sector.

The 36 best-performing posts are organized into the following categories

Influencer Audience Size

  • Top-Tier Influencers  - audience size: 500K+

  • Mid-Tier Influencers -  audience size: 70-499K

  • Micro Influencers - audience size <70K

Social Networks

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

Cosmetics Categories

  • Luxury

  • Premium

  • Consumer

From Traackr’s study, we can draw a few conclusions:

Multi-brand posts do well.

Of the top 36 posts, 20 mentioned at least 2 brands-- some of them more. This sends a clear message on how important it is for brands to create strategic bonds with influencers to be included in their content.  

Bold looks perform the best.

Striking colors and creative applications mark many of the top posts.  

Pure product shots do worse.

Only 5 of the top 36 posts were pure product shots, and 3 of the 5 were giveaway posts.


Presented here are the individual influencers behind the 36 best-performing posts, organized by category! Congratulations to these Queens of Engagement for their accomplishments in the beauty sector this year.

Luxury Cosmetics

Nikkie de Jager

Monyca Tamang


Jeffree Star

Stephanie Nicole


Eve Pamba


Desi Perkins

Isabelle Martinez

Nathalie Priscilla


Premium Cosmetics

James Charles

Masna Gurung


Nikkie de Jager

Marissa Melhorn


Kat Von D

Win Min Than

Tyiana Lee

Jackie Aina

Isabelle Martinez

Nathalie Priscilla


Consumer Cosmetics

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Marion Moretti


Jeffree Star

Courtney Jade Little

Charlène Scarpina

Janina Vela

Win Min Than


Manny MUA

Isabelle Martinez

Stephanie Brown


In addition to this list, the study also includes an analysis of #ad performance

With examples of successful and unsuccessful paid endorsements, as well as a framework for measuring results and tying influencer marketing to business results-- the full study can be found on Traackr’s website.

Traackr and Talk PR hope the study will inform global organizations of all industries on effective marketing strategies moving forward. To help you create real relationships and strategic bonds with our influencers visit CROWD. or send us an email to hello@crowd.agency.