Top 10 Pawsome Pet Influencers You Need to Follow

Happy World Animal Day!

On this purr-fect day we would like to feature our favorite animal influencers to bring joy and cuteness to your Instagram feed. While these adorable influencers may not speak human-speak, through their parents hard work they have gathered huge followings, with the most famous even receiving regular sponsorships and high engagement rates!

Bodhi the Menswear Dog

Let’s kick this off with the most stylish pooch in town. With 384k followers, Bodhi is no newbie to menswear fashion, constantly featuring in campaigns for clothing brands such as PullandBear and Brooks Brothers.

Hamlet the Piggy

Moving on to perhaps a less conventional animal companion, sweet Hamlet enjoys “the spoiled life like every pig should” with 339k people getting to see her every diva moment.

Smoothie the Cat

If only our hair looked this fabulous. With 2.1m followers Smoothie the Cat truly is the undisputed beauty queen of Instagram.

Boris the Chameleon

Karma, karma, karma chameleon…Oh isn’t Boris a star? His 60.1k followers certainly seem to think so.

Lionel the Hedgehog

This prickly, spiky cutie really is a softie at heart. Get ready for 139k collective ‘awwwhs’.

A Bunny Named Barnaby

Barnaby the bunny is too cool for you. Catch him in the studio recording his newest hit “Yellow Submarine”, just don’t be surprised if you have to queue with another 32k fans for an autograph.

Penny the Goat

Follow any yoga influencers? What about yoga influencers who also happen to be adorable little goats? With 56.7k followers to her name, Penny will be your new go to Insta fitness influencer.

Doug the Pug

Happy Pugtober! Got your Halloween costume already figured out? You bat-er believe we are going to be looking through Insta-famous Doug’s feed for ideas this year. Hopefully his other 3.8m followers won’t do the same!

Nala the Cat

This goofy former shelter cat stole our hearts. Now Nala is living the good life, with 4.2m Instagram followers and her own brand of nutritious cat food, we can’t help but love this happy ending.

Jiff Pom

This list would not be complete without the most famous pet influencer of them all-Jiff Pom. A true instagram celebrity, Jiff Pom’s 9.5m followers even nominated this fluffy star for the E! People’s Choice Awards “Animal Star of 2019”.