How to Best Utilize LinkedIn Video

Recent studies have shown that when it comes to social media marketing, short form video is the new rising star. Thousands of videos are uploaded to various platforms on a daily basis, meaning a video’s success isn’t necessarily gauged by its ability to go viral anymore. With a targeted audience, a video can be the boost a marketing campaign needs. Now that video content is becoming a more ubiquitous, popular tool, big name platforms are investing more time in its development. In the case of LinkedIn, the OG B2B professional platform, video is quickly becoming an invaluable tool. Below, a look into some of the when, where, and how of incorporating video into your LinkedIn presence.


Why LinkedIn Video?

While LinkedIn is very different from other socials due to its focus on professional networking, one can approach video content creation in much the same way as you would with other platforms. Since the formula is basically the same, video content production is a very cost-effective investment (given the ROI and staggered benefits). Video is a great way to showcase who you are as a brand and convey ideas in short, palatable clips.

The videos style can take a few different directions, such as a more intimate “vlog”, or pure product promotion. Whichever way you go, make sure it’s personal. On a platform like LinkedIn, letting your personality shine is key to differentiating yourself and your brand from the rest.


Getting Started

If you’re unsure of where to begin, go with something straightforward. A simple and logical starting point is a quick clip outlining your brands mission statement. This not only gives people a personable window into your company, it humanizes your brand. From there, you can graduate to product reviews from influencers, and populating your story feature with daily insights.


Generally Speaking

 LinkedIn Videos should be:

1.     Shot with phones in mind-With around 57% of LinkedIn users signing in via mobile device, it’s important to keep smaller screens in mind. Make sure the video is high resolution and vertically compatible, so it stands up to mobile viewing.

2.     On the shorter side-There’s A LOT of content out there, and our attention spans are at an all-time low.  To make sure your voice is heard, keep it short and sweet. An attention-grabbing first line never hurts, either.

3.     Promoted across the platform-To ensure the end goal of your video content (increased brand awareness and page traffic) is reached, you should be promoting it wherever possible. This can be achieved by linking to said content in your bio, or teasing it in other relevant posts.

4.     Professional-Obvious, maybe, but it can be easy to lose sight of LinkedIns purpose-professional connection. Finding the balance between business orientated and approachable can be tricky, so consider hiring a video expert or researching similar projects before shooting.

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