Using Influencer Marketing to Upgrade Your Next Product Launch

When it comes to launching a brand-new product, it helps to have as much external support as possible. With research showing over 90% of consumers now value individual opinions over traditional ads, influencer marketing could provide that extra boost. So, if you were looking for some tried and true influencer marketing tips for your next campaign, read on below.


Engage With Social Promos

With the right influencer, even one post could garner major exposure. If you don’t know how to initiate contact with an influencer you’re interested in, start by sending a sample product, or reaching out on social media. Before you get involved, however, make sure said influencer is a good fit your product, and has an in with your target market.


Get Influencers Involved in Creative

Once you pinpoint the ideal market for your product and have picked an influencer accordingly, get them involved in the creative process. Not only does this build rapport between you and said influencer, it helps to ensure the final product fits in with their content.


Use Influencer Content for Other ads

Repurposing influencer content for other ads like print media or even television is a great way to double the value of your initial spend. It can also be a low-effort way to bring a feeling of cohesiveness to your overall campaign.

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