Tips on Making it as a Social Media Influencer


There is no one clear path to social media stardom.  The good news is that there is great demand for digital content, and new stars are rising every day, each with his or her own distinct route to the top.

Most influencers agree that you need a big personality and a story to tell – something that will catch the imagination and interests of your audience.  The even better news is that there is money to be made for influencers who find their audiences.


Gurpreet Singh, co-founder of India’s largest multi-channel network, grooms rising stars and helps to match them with their markets. 

He says that both the influencer and the network are positioned to make money in this burgeoning field. 

As he told, “Just like any other business, there is a journey and a cycle to it. You don’t start making money right on day one. First you need to build your content, you need to build an audience. You need to create an engaging medium for your fan base, which eventually becomes lucrative for brands to come on board and start spending money on your content.”

As the fan base builds, brands and advertisers are more willing to shift dollars (or rupees) to influencers and digital advertising, rather than traditional outlets.


Singh notes that it isn’t enough to get views on platforms like Facebook.  He advocates that influencers determine which platforms are most heavily trafficked by their target audience and dedicate their spending on those platforms.  All of them – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat -- have dedicated followers.  Rather than blanketing every platform, find where your audience lives and focus your skills and money there.  But, cautions Singh, to build your fan base, you must create content that is unique, and appeals to your base.

TrendsMaria Vasbotten