5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Following on Facebook

With steady users and room to grow, Facebook remains one of social media’s biggest players. With top tier marketing tools and a huge audience, it’s a great platform for growing a following. However, no thanks to the site’s news feed algorithm, the best practice for cultivating said following can be a little tricky to navigate. Below, find 5 tips for upping your following as effectively as possible.


Block the Fakes

Since Facebook only shows content to about 6% of your page’s fans, trimming and curating your following can be crucial. Fake followers don’t interact with your posts, so blocking them is a simple and effective way to give your page it’s best chance. Furthermore, the better your engagement, the wider your reach will be moving forward (due to Facebook’s algorithm).

No Automatic Placements

If you run ads on your page, it’s best to put your objectives first. For growing a following, it’s important to put “engagement” as your top objective. Next, turn off automatic placements. Since automatic placements have to due with Instagram engagement, it doesn’t serve your overall Facebook reach.


Invite Your Viewers

When someone interacts with a post of yours on Facebook, the platform gives you the option to invite them to like you. Unlike other platforms, inviting these people to like you is organic, as you already know they enjoy your content. Act quickly and invite them to like you for a quick ramp-up in engagement.

Don’t Neglect the Call to Action

This is a tried and true method for most social media engagement, but helps on Facebook especially. Including a clear and concise prompt to follow your page at the end of posts is a simple method that yields results.


Make Sure You Differentiate

It’s easy to post the same content across all your socials, but that’s not the way to grow your following. Make use of Facebooks unique assets-make your posts longer and ask engaging questions. If the content on your Facebook page differs from your other social media, people are much more likely to follow.