Timeless Tips for Fashion Influencer Marketing and Beyond

In a way, fashion and influencer marketing are intrinsically linked. With a significant deal of influencers power coming from self-presentation, clothing and accessories can be a large part of the overall equation. With that tightknit a relationship can come a unique set of issues such as consumer-fatigue, however. So, how’s a fashion brand to know if influencer collaboration is right for them, and how to best approach it? Find a few quick considerations below for fashion and beyond.


Do You Have the Resources?

To approach an influencer collaboration effectively, brands need a few pre-existing tools under their belt. For instance, do you have a team to put behind influencer outreach? Do you have funds to allocate towards reaching your desired caliber of content creator? Make sure you have this kind of groundwork in place before diving into the space. A lot of fashion influencers are at the top of the food chain, so it’s important to make a good first impression.


What’s the best Influencer for the Job?

Devote a healthy amount of time towards considering your ideal influencer. Who is their audience made up of? Do they have a complimentary aesthetic to yours? If the influencer doesn’t fit your brand, it could lead to a false start and wasted funds. Aesthetic and it-factor are crucial qualities in making a fashionable pick.


Do You Have a Detailed Timeline?

An influencer can only do so much without thorough direction. It’s important to (without being overbearing), have a detailed plan of attack for your chosen influencer to refer to. Take the time to solidify this well before the campaign starts. Lots of fashion campaigns hinge on strict timelines, so it’s a key consideration.


Do You Have the Tools to Learn from Past Efforts?

After optimizing said timeline, invest time in tools that will help you gauge your progress and results. Influencer marketing is easy to build upon and learning from what worked and what didn’t will help your next campaign. In the trend-centric world of fashion, it’s important to decipher the more evergreen strengths.