3 Ways to up Your Instagram Highlight Game

When it comes to ‘Stories’ on social media, ‘Instagram Highlights’ are the next level.  With major social players like Insta and Facebook utilising these momentary clips as a vital element to the platform; Stories are fast becoming the optimal way for users to share. In a space where instant gratification reigns supreme, Stories can relay information on products and brand features quickly, effectively and with personable impact. But when the 24-hour display window is up, the content, the message and the opportunity to engage audiences is gone. That’s where our new friend ‘Highlights’ come in. 

With Highlights being exclusively an Instagram feature (so far!), you can continue to showcase key Stories, having them readily accessible at the top of your profile. With this in mind, we’ve compiled three great ways to make Highlights work their magic for your brand engagement.


Product Launches

The launch of a new product is a perfect time to utilise Highlights. For special launches in particular, like collaborations or seasonal lines, you can post teasers and reveals, and then immortalise the efforts in your designated Highlights reel for customers to look back on. For season-specific products or events, it’s a fun opportunity for your patrons to see what’s new, and to ramp up anticipation of what’s to come.



FAQs (frequently asked questions), are the bane of many marketer’s existence. To have an inbox full of repetitive, and sometimes seemingly obvious questions, can take up a lot of time. Highlights reel to the rescue! Set up a quick reel of IRL or text answers to your brand’s FAQs and direct your followers to the Highlights to unclog your inbox and drastically reduce the amount of repeat questions you have to deal with on the daily.


Glowing Reviews

In today’s day and age, customer reviews are the benchmark by which most consumers gage whether or not to bother with a product. A fresh way to showcase all you have to offer, and memorialise all the glowing reviews you receive, is to put them in your highlights. Not only does it build trust in your product, it shows potential consumers that you have a wealth of satisfied customers.


Social MediaZoë Jenkin