3 Ways Influencers Can Stay on Track in the Wake of Instagram’s Like Ban

Instagram’s expanding test of hiding likes from users is causing many to reconsider the validity of vanity metrics in influencer marketing. As the range of the ban test grows to different global markets, agencies and content creators alike are considering the long-term effect it could have on influencer marketing for the platform.

The ban, which allows users to see who’s liked their own posts, but not the like count of other users, was introduced as a means to take some of the pressure out of the app’s equation. When a user can’t see how many likes their favorite influencer is racking up, they don’t feel as inclined to compare themselves. It’s a well-meaning idea that has many influencers and influencer agencies concerned for the long-term effects to the landscape. Below, find three ways that influencers can keep on track with their metrics in light of the ban.


Redirect the focus

If you can’t lean on like count, you have to devote resources and focus to other features. In lieu of likes, campaigns will be focusing more on overall purchase rates that corelate to their collaborating influencers post dates. For agencies, this means there’s never been a better time to look into app tools for tracking metrics. Paid Media, or posts that a brand has paid to have pushed to a broader audience, is another method that’s sure to see a boom because of this. Influencers should be aligning themselves with agencies that have documented success in this, and start brushing up on the Instagram tool kit.


Invest in Video

From short form video to the Stories feature, video is sure to see an increase in consumption. Some industry professionals are even seeing the shift away from likes as a positive, siting the increase in creative control it will bring influencers. All this considered, it’s a great time to start transitioning content to be more video-heavy.


Build Community

Without the immediate gratification and market value of like counts, a lot of an influencers power will be tied up in their online community. Short of expanding their reach to video-centric platforms like YouTube, influencers should start to invest quality time in engaging with their fanbase.