3 Ways to Incorporate Influencers Into Your Next Event

One perennially popular way to utilise influencer marketing is by incorporating it into existing events. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been engaging influencers in your marketing strategy for a while, or are just testing the waters, event involvement is near fool-proof. With sharing potential before, during, and after the activation, with loads of opportunities for influencers to engage with your brand and experience your product, this low-cost strategy is one to consider for your next production. We outline three main approaches below.  


Invite Influencers as Guests

This is one of the most organic ways to engage influencers with your brand while simultaneously bulking up your guest list. The best way to get the most out of the influencer-as-guest set up is to make sure your other guests have lots of opportunities to engage with them too. Whether this is simply a matter of seating arrangement or spotlighting your influencer(s) during a demonstration, make sure to create a conducive atmosphere.


Create a Panel of Influencers

This is another great way to facilitate influencer interaction. Furthermore, it makes room for ongoing conversation between influencer and attendee after the panel itself is over. To maximize engagement, have the influencers share sneak peaks on their socials, live feeds of the panel discussion and post follow up takeaways afterwards.


Take Cues From Influencers

If your company doesn’t involve itself with conferences or similar happenings, consider customising an event. With something like a pop-up, both influencers and potential consumers or investors can engage with your brand in fun ways which are super social media friendly. As long as your events’ aesthetic is on point and there are plenty of opportunities to involve all parties, it’s sure to be a hit.