3 Tips for More Innovative Influencer Marketing

With the influencer marketing space becoming more and more saturated, it’s sometimes hard to get creative. In a time where anyone with a large following can be considered an influencer, the line separating potential collaborators and less focused profiles is blurry. Now, with the ubiquity of influencer marketing causing followers to question authenticity and intent, it’s time to rethink certain aspects of the model.



The brands and content creators who get ahead, do so through creativity and narrative. As George S. Patton once stated: “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” A good place to start, is to tap into your influencer’s unique skills, personality and traits. This way, you’ll appeal to the audience that followed them for those exact reasons in the first place. Enabling the influencer to participate in the creation of the campaign and not just the delivery, you're establishing authenticity from the start. In some cases, it pays to think of the influencer as the centerpiece and making the product or brand stand out via genuine storytelling.



Beyond simply collaborating with an influencer, more and more brands are building products around them. In a move that primes your campaign for vertical integration, creator-specific collections bring excitement and fresh eyes to a brand. It’s also a great stepping stone to introducing digital experiences such as shoppable posts on Instagram.


Influence for Activism

In yet another bid for authenticity, some ahead-of-the-curve brands are beginning to integrate community activism into their campaigns and images. Companies such as Converse Footwear have initiated substance-fuelled campaigns that almost seek to tailor-make deserving artists and personalities within the community into influencers. From limited edition collaborations, to individual sponsorships, this style of engagement lends humanity to a brand when fewer consumers than ever are expressing trust in brand sincerity.