3 Evergreen Tips for Optimizing Influencer Campaigns

At this point in the world of marketing, working with influencers is par for the course. Just because it’s the new industry standard however, doesn’t mean brands automatically know the best approach. Without a little research and help, many companies are at risk of jeopardizing their influencer relations and ROI. In a sphere as occasionally ambiguous as influencer marketing, partnerships can be ill fitted, data can go unused, and any other of the bevy of issues the space lends itself to can come to pass. Luckily, there are plenty of universal golden rules to help keep things on track. Listed below are three to start you on your journey of finding the right set for your brand.


Don’t Look for Influencers Outside Your Market

While the idea of looking for content creators based on their range of influence can be alluring, brands should strive to find them closer to home. Consumers should feel that the partnership between brand and influencer is natural and trustworthy, and the only real way to ensure this is by using someone who portrays similar values and aesthetics to your own.


Let the Influencer Take the Lead

It can be very hard to relinquish control to your chosen content creator when you have a distinct vision for your campaign or collaboration, but stifling their creativity could majorly upset the process. Prioritizing the bottom line over the influencers style can cause the final product to come off as inauthentic or cookie cutter. While you don’t need to hand over control completely, you should be working with the influencer at every stage.


Know how to Gauge Success Objectively

It is very important to be able to step away from the data and analytics and see the hits and misses of a campaign in the grander scheme of your long-term goals. Try to outline your ideal campaign outcome, be that increased follower count, broader brand reach, etc., before the execution. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what did and didn’t work for future endeavors, and you won’t be discouraged but the smaller points.