3 Reasons the Music Industry Should Work With Influencers

In the world of music media, trends and marketing approaches evolve as fast as peoples taste in artists.  When it comes to marketing around this changeability, companies can face some major challenges. When a new song or artist can be knocked from the top 100 in a matter of days, the name of the game is adaptability. This in mind, it’s no wonder more and more industry professionals are turning to influencer marketing. With big networks and spheres of influence, creators can bridge the gap between content and audience. Find below three ways influencer marketing could benefit your next musical marketing venture.



Built in Target Demographic

It’s no great secret that influencers attract younger audiences. From Millennials to Gen X, social media is a young man’s game.  In the music industry, the sentiment is the same. While music is enjoyed by people of all ages, the trendier genres and billboard hits are undoubtedly geared towards youth. In this way, influencer collaboration is a no brainer.


High Conversion Rates

An endorsement from the right influencer can be worth its weight in gold for any marketing endeavor, but in the music industry especially. When an influencer posts about a new song or album, they have the ability to include a soundbite and purchase link, doubling the likelihood that a post viewer will purchase the item in question. Coupled with collaboration opportunities like unique promotion codes, working with an influencer becomes invaluable.


 Collaborative Minds Think Alike

Influencers and music industry professionals are not unalike in their creative pursuits and goals. In this sense, collaboration between the two often lends itself to creative problem solving. As long as the designated influencer has a genuine connection to your style of music, the association will be natural and successful.