Top 3 Cross-Generational Social Marketing Tips

As with any form of sales, understanding your target audience is crucial to influencer marketing. Without a working knowledge of the consumption habits of the various generations taking in online content (Millennials, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers), companies risk generalizing their approach. There are, however, trends that bridge the generation gap. Below are three universal truths to keep in mind.

People Consume the Most Content at Night

Studies have shown that all generations spend the most time on social media at night. After work/school, between the hours of eight and midnight, is peak time for individuals online or on social apps.

Keep it Short

Regardless of age, consumers agree that less is often more when it comes to social content.

Consider the Content Type

Across the board, generations agree their favorite types of content are blog articles, images, comments, and eBooks. Least favorites include webinars, quizzes, and SlidShares.