10 Ways Fashion Brands can Work With Influencers

In the realm of fashion marketing, influencer collaboration has become almost unavoidable. For every traditional social marketing activation, there are five more content creators waiting in the wings. Just because it is expected, however, doesn’t mean it has to be stale. Feeling burnt out on the fashion blogger-as-ambassador trend or dipping your toes in for the first time? Find below ten ways to get started or freshen up your brand’s approach.


Gifts That Keep on Giving

Gifting product is one of the tried and true methods for introducing yourself to a potential collaborator.  Usually handled by PR, gifting product not only gives the influencer a taste of who you are as a brand, it offers a preview of what a partnership could look like. It’s also a low cost, and therefore low risk, investment.


Outfit of the Week

A standard outfit post on Instagram consists of an influencer posing in one or more pieces from a particular brand. This style of content is popular in that it shows the product in a natural setting, and is used by non-influencers as well-so it feels approachable. To set an outfit post apart, aim for high quality pictures and engaging backgrounds.


Make a Lookbook

A lookbook is a lot like a standard outfit post, but as a series instead of a stand-alone photo. You can think of it like a more stylish take on an online catalog. Lookbooks are great for both Instagram and Youtube and are a fun opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Try to keep the photos in your chosen influencers aesthetic and consider collaborating with other stylists or photographers for a unique final product that’s ripe for reposting.


Trying on for Size

If you’re aiming for a little more traction in the Youtube space, consider a try-on haul. A try-on haul is a style of video extremely popular among fashion vloggers and their followers. In it, an influencer shows off a range of pieces from a particular brand or store, and occasionally tries on and styles them. It’s a video style that’s very engaging, and allows you to showcase multiple products in one fell swoop.


Don’t Forget to Snap

While it’s a lesser utilized platform for fashion influencers, SnapChat is nonetheless important for its user count alone. With more users than Twitter, SnapChat can be a great way for influencers to interact directly with their followers. One of the easiest ways to break into fashion influencer marketing on Snap is discount codes. With your unique code, you’ll be able to track and gage interest in your brand.


Make it an Event

Playing off more traditional means of exposure, styling an influencer for an event can be a quick and easy way to boost your brand. By offering services personally, or sending options through a second party, you can reach both the creator’s sphere of influence, and anyone following the event.


Employ Brand Ambassadors

For longer term relationships, consider engaging influencers as brand ambassadors. The possibilities are endless, under the umbrella term creators can feature product on their personal pages, appear in branded content, and produce short form video for stories. When a company uses an influencer as their brand ambassador, the relationship has room to expand over time, so you can see returns on the partnership for many seasons.


Influencer as Model

In much the same vein, making a content creator your product model is a great first step towards incorporating more influencers into your marketing.  As many fashion influencers are already models, it’s a simple way to start associating faces with your brand. Aim to create images that work for all your platforms, and you’ll have easily produced content that can be shared organically with the influencers fanbase.


Make it a Family Affair

If you find an influencer is having a big impact, consider making them a part of the team. Whether it’s for a particular campaign, or a longer-term project, having a content creator in-house can be a major asset. As influencers have a keen sense for the latest trends, an eye for aesthetic, and an understanding of what works best platform to platform, they’re sure to offer unique perspectives to your marketing staff.


Create a Special Collection

This method, which sees a brand creating special limited addition pieces with a particular influencers name attached, has become increasingly popular. By creating pieces in collaboration with the influencer, the marketing becomes seamlessly built in. Furthermore, the limited status will have followers clamoring for access. Make sure the content creator has some creative input, and a capsule collection is sure to be a boon.

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