Ten German Brands Working With Influencers

Both well-established brands and young startups are finding major success with influencer collaborations.

We put together a mix of big names and new ones for our list of ten German Brands showing digital marketing innovation.


Deichmann is one of Germany’s early adopters of influencer marketing, starting the Deichmann Influencer Club at the beginning of this year.

They work with people like That Dapper Chap, Carl Cunard, Style by Dillan, all of whom were part of Deichmann’s Borelli London collection. The ultimate goal for the shoe brand is to tighten the relationships with digital opinion leaders, making intermediate agencies expendable.



German e-tailer ABOUT YOU has a tight bond with bigger influencers

like the models Lena Gercke and Stefanie Giesinger, or bloggers Caro Daur and Xenia Overdose. Since their website went live in 2014, the brand has worked with over 60 influencers, and they last year introduced the ABOUT YOU Award, the biggest influencer award show of the year. The ABOUT YOU Awards generated a reach of over 490 million, which is 12x bigger compared to last year.



Berlin street style brand WRSTBHVR is one of the most popular German clothing brands on Instagram.

Their website homepage declares that fans who tag @wrstbhvr have a chance to be featured on their site, and their feed is full of popular influencers wearing their clothing. Currently at the top of the feed are influencers That’s So Tee, Eva Schaap, and Ashley Samwell.



Otto is one of Germany’s top e-commerce players, and their approach to influencer marketing is among the most unusual we’ve seen.

Last year, Otto let 100 employees train to become corporate brand ambassadors, and influencers in their own right, in an attempt to bring the brand more authenticity. They still work with classic influencers as well, like Lisa Doehl, Karolin’s Moment, and Unbound Ambition.



In 2017, IKEA Germany launched their first influencer campaign with German YouTubers

including Klein aber Hannah and beauty guru Sara Desideria. The influencers were set an interior design challenge by IKEA— to transform a blank canvas into a stylishly decorated living space in 180 minutes. The vlogs quickly gained over 300,000 views on YouTube, and massively boosted engagement for the furniture giant.


Paul Hewitt

Accessory brand Paul Hewitt works with well-known influencers like Caroline Daur and Louise Thompson,

but they are also running a strong hashtag campaign. Based on their classic anchor logo, the brand hashtag #getanchored is extremely successful on Instagram and displays 69,211 posts.



Fanta Germany launched a campaign last year that centered around young influencers to boost their engagement with teens.

Snapchat was central to the campaign, with Fanta cans and bottles featured the Fanta Deutschland Snapchat channel code to promote the channel to youngsters. German YouTuber Julien Bam was the star, and the simple campaign transformed the brand’s reputation in Germany, projecting a cool, youthful image to teenage customers.



Founded in 2014, this young German startup has had influencer marketing embedded in its strategy from the beginning.

The company’s unusual stationery and cute décor make it a popular brand amongst crafty influencers like Books & Peonies and Morning Elegance, who promote it on Instagram.


Kapten & Son

German watch brand Kapten & Son took influencer marketing to the next level by building up their brand solely with influencer cooperations.

Their website features a “Brand Ambassadors” tab, where you can see their work with influencers like Jolie Janine, Benthe Liem, and Jules Cecilia. These cooperations and the general popularity of the brand in the Instagram result in an enormous Earned Media Value of up to $190,000 each week.



ChefsTalk is a community for food lovers where chefs and gourmets around the world can interact with one another by sharing food-related news and activities.

Every photo on their Instagram represents a chef, like Chef Antonio Park, Bedros Kabranian, and Matthew Rosenzweig.


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