Ten German Bloggers to Follow Today

We at CROWD. love a good top ten, and as we settle into the new year, where better to start again than close to home? We’ve talked German influencers before, but the below are new-to-site rising stars with fashion blogs you’ll be hurrying to follow. Read on to get inspired!


Leonie Hanne

Former corporate businesswoman Leonie has her sleek street style down to a science. Her blog oohcouture is a bright whirlwind of lowkey high fashion and enviable travel pics.


Nina Schwichtenburg

Nina’s blog Fashiioncarpet launched the beauty to fame, and paved the way for a successful Instagram page and YouTube channel. Traveling the world and working with big names like Vogue and L’Oréal, she’s definitely one to look up.


Alexandra Lapp

On her self-titled blog this Carrie Bradshaw-esque babe showcases forward thinking outfits. Make sure to follow her for fun brand collaborations and on-trend looks.


Jessie Weib

Jessie’s blog Journelles is one of Germanys most internationally popular. Mixing high fashion and laid-back street looks, this stylish mother has a unique aesthetic.


Özlem Han-Dalman

With a distinct and bright style, Özlem brings lots of feminine energy to her offering FashionMonger. The fashionista, who moonlights as an economics professional, fills her pages with trendy sponsorships and outfit ideas.


Jana Wind

If you’re looking for a more bohemian style, look no further then Jana Wind’s blog Bekleidet. The artsy Wind has a site filled with outfit ideas, interior design inspo, and artful edits.


Linda M

Known as “Lindarella” on her blog and YouTube channel, Linda M sports a distinctly urban, cool girl vibe. Her socials are dedicated to fashion, fitness, food, and travel.


Alessa Winter

Alessa Winter is best known for her blog awwhatever. With a chill, somewhat vintage vibe, her looks are sure to inspire your inner style muse.



Going simply by Jacky, this minimalist blogger shows off trend-perfect outfits on her site Whatelse. Make sure to follow for distinct, simple outfit inspo.


Jane Wayne

Last but most assuredly not least, This is Jane Wayne reads as a mini mag covering everything from fashion to feminism. With a lowkey, girlish style, it offers fresh insights in a sometimes cookie-cutter space.