Snapchat Experimenting With Events Feature

In an apparent attempt to compete with rival platform Facebook, Snapchat has started the process of integrating event support into its services. The as-of-yet unannounced feature was detected in Snapchat’s code by researcher Jane Manchun Wong.


It’s still unclear how the feature will actually work, or if it will ever be released. A screenshot from Wong reveals what the interface looks like: when you create an event, you assign it a time and place, and swiping up allows invited guests to join a group chat.


The feature would allow users to assign a location to the event, so it’s likely they will integrate with Snapchat’s Snap Map. Events are a big draw of Snapchat competitor Facebook, so the move makes sense. Snapchat and Instagram have a history of adapting features of Snapchat (such as Stories) for themselves, so many believe this development with Snapchat events is a step in the app’s evolution.