Snapchat Appeals to Influencers with New Data Analytics

With Instagram dominating the social media zeitgeist lately, Snapchat has fallen a little behind.

However, the young platform is launching its comeback in the form of a new tool set designed to entice both advertisers and users.

Snap Inc., the platform’s parent company, opened its advertising API to all advertisers, agencies and third-party developers this month-- a change from the previous restriction to only approved developers. It’s a move that will bring them into the programmatic advertising realm, allowing businesses to automate their snapchat ads and test run campaigns more effectively.

But Snapchat’s even more significant development takes the form of enhanced analytic capabilities. In its previous iteration, users on Snapchat could only track their progress through a daily Story View count, a number which disappeared every 24 hours. Now, however, content creators will have access to a bevy of sophisticated insight tools to substantiate their performance on the platform.


New analytics include:

  • Total Story Views in the past week, month and year to date.

  • Time Spent Viewing Stories in minutes in the past week, month, and year to date.

  • Daily unique story viewers, average time unique viewers spent watching, and completion rates

  • Audience demographics like gender breakdown, top age bracket, and top geographic regions

  • Audience interests like which lifestyle categories like film and TV, food, fashion, and sports their audiences care about

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Snapchat has a history of disinterest toward content creators

they have heretofore been clear in their belief that “Snapchat is an app for friends, not creators.” The stance has been widely criticized by popular users, and the the platform did open up its “Official Stories” tool last year to include influencers instead of just celebrities.

While Snapchat would clearly prefer the app be used solely for fun interpersonal interaction, they must be starting to feel the loss of the opportunities presented by influencer marketing. The majority of users are focused on their friends, not their follower counts, but those who do want to use the app for content creation are undeniably valuable when it comes to boosting engagement.

In addition to the more detailed analytics, Snapchat has also rolled out both an update to its Snap Map and to its overall design. The Snap Map now has a web version, and users can embed content outside the app. As you scroll across the vista of events and locations, you’ll be able to see all snaps related to that spot-- however, you won’t see the screennames of those posting, a very on-brand caveat for Snapchat’s secretive nature.

The redesign of the app actually generated the sixth most retweeted tweet of all time-- a demand that Snapchat return to its classic format. Although it was meant to boost exposure for popular content, creators don’t seem particularly enthused.

The new analytics, however, do offer strong incentive for Snapchat-loving influencer to put aside their aesthetic qualms and continue using the app. The Discover layout will increase exposure to up-and-coming creators and fresh content, and the new data insights will enable influencers to track their success in a quantifiable way.

The platform doesn’t allow for monetization yet, but perhaps Snapchat is gearing up for such changes as well. Doing so will allow them to join the ranks of sites like Youtube and Facebook, whose revenue-sharing options make them ideal for content creators.

Nick Cicero, CEO of social analytics startup Delmondo, calls the new analytical tools a “long overdue step needed to keep more influencers in the platform who have done a lot for Snap.” The developments are also a boon for advertisers, who Cicero assures will be able to build “a more diverse set of premium inventory and targeting data.”

Snapchat’s performance numbers are up this year, and with the new features drawing influencers back in, their presence in the social media marketing world is unlikely to be as fleeting as their content.

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