The Potential Pitfalls of Nano Influencer Collaboration

For the right brand, nano influencers can be a major boon. With the newness factor keeping them relatable, and an audience built on common interest, this brand of influencer (ones with 1k-10k follower counts) is a viable collaborator for more holistic campaigns. However, if you haven’t worked with them before, there can be pitfalls. Read on to find three of the most common nano influencers first timer mistakes.



Since they are such a new breed of content creator, nano influencers often come without agency representation. While this doesn’t inherently mean they aren’t a worthy addition to your campaign, it can create undesirable product margins.


More Room for Error

When seeking out nano influencers, many brands send out large bursts of collab requests. While this too is not inherently a problem, it does mean the offer and deliverables can be left vague. Unsurprisingly, this increases the chance of miscommunication and unfulfilled campaign goals.


Lack of Authenticity

We’ve discussed the value of authenticity in influencer marketing time and again, but it remains one of the most crucial factors to its success. Not all influencers have true collaboration in mind, and with more ground to cover then others, nano influencers will sometimes take short cuts in their postings and deliverables. In essence, check in and weigh if the potential of a one-sided collaboration is worth the benefits of a low spend.