Are Podcasts the Next Big Marketing Tool?

Much like food and fashion trends, the appeal of the podcast appears to be cyclical.  Where this particular brand of audio’s popularity tapered off in the early thousands, fresh takes on the form and exciting new hosts have seen podcasts come booming back in the last few years.  No one is more on top of this trend than influencers. So, why the appeal? Will podcasts be the next big vehicle for product promotion? Let’s investigate the facts and pros below.

Listening Up

While other platforms have started to become oversaturated with campaigns and brand deals, the podcast’s new popularity is still a fresh enough angle to bring interest and partnerships. A consumer scrolling through social media may engage with an image or post for just a few seconds, while one listening to a podcast can receive a much more extended message. Researchers are finding that there’s a new desire among users for longer, more involved engagement with the media they consume, a trend that’s only projected to grow in the new year.

Being Authentic

The amicable, more conversational nature of the podcast offers a fresh avenue for brands to flex their authenticity. Where sponsored posts can sometimes seem rushed, and occasionally get buried by the sheer volume of content available on a platform, a podcast fits the promotion seamlessly into the show. Much like the more traditional radio, the ad is also often read by the podcast presenter themselves.  In this way, influencers are able to employ their own unique voice and perspective in the delivery, making the listener more likely to take notice of the message.

Going Live

Another opportunity influencers and brands alike are latching onto is that of the live podcast taping. Due to the forms burgeoning popularity, podcasts now have the ability to tour their shows, and tape for their at-home audiences in front of large crowds of enthusiastic listeners. Live shows present podcasters with the ability to connect to their audience on an even more intimate level and create a spectacle of their taping that ultimately draws more interest to their content.

So, while podcasts won’t be fully eclipsing the power of social media marketing anytime (too) soon, it is a rising star to watch for, and potentially invest in.

TrendsZoë Jenkin